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In summer cooling conditions, when cooling capacity and use of the same condition, cold, heat pump, heat pump auxiliary electric and heat (electric heating) air conditioner electricity consumption are the same. Because the work of compressor refrigeration principles in their work.
heating in winter conditions, running on heat pump heat pump type heating, high thermal efficiency, electricity province, power consumption and cooling conditions. Explain briefly here, heat pump air conditioner heating processes can be understood as the process of handling the heat, which means that air conditioning is carried the heat to the indoor outdoor, carrying capacity for consumption of conventional products 1000W power 3000W heating capacity can be obtained. But low winter temperatures in the northern region, because heat pump Refrigeration principle problems running, defrosting will lower the heating performance, so each brand of air conditioner factory appears with units with heat pump unit used in the working environment.
cold and hot (electric heating) depends on the electric heating type air conditioners, heating 3000W power 3000W you want for the summer power consumption 3 times.
in heat pump auxiliary electric heating condition, electrical heating and heat pump auxiliary heat. Thermal efficiency is high, between the power of heat pump and electric heat.
so, user in select hot and cold type air conditioner Shi, on winter of electricity power must be consider, from save electricity consider to select hot pump hot and cold suitable, but to note to, hot pump type air conditioner has two class; a no automatically except cream function, only in above 5 ℃ of when using, another a has automatically except cream function, can in-5 ℃ above of environment Xia using. Disadvantages of heat pump air conditioning is the use of the solenoid valve failure caused by machine failure, brand-name products in the solenoid valve working reliability.
users should note that if you are buying electric air conditioner, power consumption estimation of heating condition of power consumption data, you can't use refrigeration operating conditions electrical data, or too small.