Enterprise culture
We are a group full of passion and sense of responsibility to customers, we emphasize teamwork, advocate win win, good at learning and innovation, sincere service, and ensure, in the shortest time, most perfect process, to meet the application needs of users, China family green, continue to contribute to the good life!
vision: build first-class brand, play industry pilot who
mission: advocate low carbon life, led industry trend, let technology and application full fusion, building green homes
core values: people, to customer for Center, insisted integrity, desire change, focused on performance
business concept: "constant far grasp application trend, shortcut meet customer needs" niche strategy independent development, continued innovation quality first continued of brand construction
management concept:
will talent of selection, and training, and using put in first respect and trust each a a employees build fair, and just of environment
shaping learning type organization insisted principles, stressed discipline effort
employing views: both ability and political integrity, to de for first merit, employing Director
constant far employees of 10 a standard:
hard dedicated Active enterprising optimistic confidence honest integrity brave loyalty determination persistent Passionate sense of love to learn values cooperation